Excel / Power Query – Concatenate a list

Many people ask often this question in forums :
How to concatenate column cells into one cell ?
Or :

Of course, the easiest way is to use the magic Power Query.
Hereafter, all the steps to get the desired result:

1 – After importing data into PQ UI, fill down the column « Name »

2- Group table by the first column and put all the data of the second column in a cell (as a table)

and we get this result :

3- And here is the magic trick is when the M function Table.Column() is used to extract the second column of the tables of the column All as a list:

4- Now, the list created can be extracted with a desired separator:

And that’s the solution. As you see, we can do many transformation on our data with PQ in an easy way.

Hope that this tutorial will be useful.
You can download the workbook here.

See you next time 😉

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